About the Majazine

The Majazine is a periodical online publication, made by creatives for creatives. It helps the practitioners in the Creator Economy be more informed, more productive, and more effective in their work.

It was conceived in the summer of 2022 by me, Maja Vujovic (pronounced: Maya Voo-yo-vich). A full year earlier, I had the wicked idea to purchase the domain name majazine.com, because it was such a cool typo, an obvious contraction, and a fun pun. (And because I tend to think way ahead.)

If you ask the right question…

To be fair, at the end of 2021, a younger copywriter approached me to be his mentor. Six months later, we had a long, but fun and productive intro talk over Zoom.

This young colleague – one of the most successful copywriters of his generation – surprisingly had questions about his writing career the answers to which seemed so simple to me. And then it dawned on me.

Younger creatives are facing the same struggles that I went through long ago. And I could help them overcome them, with just a few words from my experience and some insights about the future.

The answers just keep coming

So that day, I had a breakthrough idea – to combine all my many, many previous careers, to produce a useful magazine for creators. (After all, I had just renewed the majazine.com domain name registration for another year.)

I then got my family members – young creatives themselves – as well as some other relatives and long-time friends, to join the party and make majazine.com worthy of its readers’ time.

The vision for the magazine is to help creatives of all ages find their footing in the ever-changing world of work. And to also help their clients, employers and peers from other disciplines understand them better and find common ground with them faster.

#creatoreconomy is here to stay (too)

The new, creative economy is booming. But it cannot replace or render obsolete the old economy. We all still need the banks, the roads, some offices, and a ton of devices. All of that isn’t going away, despite all the change on the horizon.

And we still need many of the traditional systems run by people who may or may not be familiar with creativity, its huge potential and its considerable risks. With the Web and the Digital Marketing in full swing, some of them now supervise entire teams of creators whose jobs they just don’t get.

So both those cohorts must learn to work together. The Majazine provides many clues and ideas on how to do that. Some are spelled out. Some are between the lines. In either case, keep your mind open.

Thanks for reading.