Who’s Maja in “Majazine”

The “Maja” in “Majazine” is Maja Vujovic (pronounced: Maya Voo-yo-vich). That’s me.

I’m an independent international consultant, copywriter/strategist, and trainer. I’ve lived and worked in Europe, Asia and North America (and am now again living in my hometown – Belgrade, Serbia).

The letter J in the name of the magazine is the so-called “continental J” (“continental” refers to Europe). It’s pronounced like the J in “hallelujah”.

Like most creative people, I have multiple gifts and skill sets and I often find it hard to focus on just one project or task at a time. Before I launched the Majazine, I had a career twist to deal with (yet another) and so I had to do what I hate the most – choose.

The end of an important four-year-long project was fast approaching. I’ve had just a few months left to figure out what I should tackle next.

The ultimate writer’s block

But, for the longest time in my life, I just couldn’t decide what to do. I had three options.

  • I wasn’t sure whether I should go back to online teaching (I was among the pioneers of live e-learning, over a decade ago).
  • I could also return to copywriting and strategic consulting (I’ve built a writing career spanning three continents).
  • Or I could stay in the international development sector (where I have worked on reform projects large and small, for over two decades).

However, none of that attracted me. I could not feel energy in any of those three options. I wasn’t passive – just not inspired enough.

All along, during every waking hour, I kept track of the tech trends, innovation, the latest tips, tools, and ideas. And what I’ve learnt, I’ve shared with my family, friends, colleagues, former bosses, the world – as I always do. (Even if it means transcribing or translating an hour-long interview (or two!) that I think my friends or colleagues should absolutely read.)

It’s not just about learning what’s out there. It’s about “skiing where the puck will be”.

Looking ahead. Way ahead.

I’ve always had my sights on the future. I often clearly see the trends that other people don’t yet see. I connect the dots between seemingly unrelated things and I spot patterns which lead to certain future outcomes. It’s how I have always been.

It’s also a form of creativity, I guess. I’m a futurist in my gut. But I also work hard to be an informed one.

It’s easy to check that futurism claim. The Pew Research Center and Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center periodically conduct surveys of experts, to assess the future of digital life. Tech leaders, visionaries, professors of prominent schools, lawmakers and other important stakeholders – with several Internet Hall of Fame members among them – regularly contribute their opinions, from which the reports on the most pertinent questions of our time are then compiled.

In recent years, I’m regularly invited to contribute to that influential research and my opinions are featured among those of the tech sector’s elite. It’s an incredible honour. My biggest achievement yet.

Get some refreshments before you visit any of these links – these are some long and fascinating reads:

The Majazine is the best way I found to tie all of that – to contemplate the present and the future, write about it, and alert people to important or useful things they should know about.

Now, don’t forget to go back to the pages of the Majazine, for quick, timely reading. To find out how I came up with the idea to create such a magazine, read that story here.

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