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It isn't misspelled. It's simply a shorter way to say "Maja's magazine". "Maja" (pronounced "Maya") is a frequent female name in Central and Eastern Europe. So, the name of the magazine is just a (lucky) contraction.
The magazine is intended to be useful to fellow creatives and to everyone who has to use digital media and operate in our information-crazed world. The name is a constant reminder of the individual filter, of the personal curation involved and also of the fierce independence with which the magazine is produced - a rarity, nowadays. With a bit of luck over time, the content of the zine will lend its energy to the name and that's what the name will come to represent.
The goal for the Majazine newsletter is to go out monthly, on the third Thursday of each month, at least ten times per year. You can subscribe to our mailing list, to be sure you'll receive each issue. If you follow us on Social Media, you might see it published there. But keep in mind that we add new content almost daily, so you might want to visit the site between newsletters too.
We have dealt with so many challenges over time (a very long time and across the globe), that we're bound to be able to help you resolve that pesky issue that's draining your energy. Members of the Majazine community can submit a question they would like answered. They can also vote for other people's questions that they like. If you are not already a member, subscribe (free of charge) to our mailing list. The great thing about a community is that members can help one another. So it's possible other members will also weigh in. In that case, we'll compile and fine-tune the wisdom of the crowd.
In each issue of the newsletter, we answer one question in detail. The question we've answered in the very first issue of the newsletter was the original question which inspired the launch of the Majazine. After that one, we answer questions with the most votes (or the most buzz) from our followers. If a question arrives via email (not via social media) we treat it as confidential and it will remain anonymous.
It is likely there will be guest contributors from time to time. Any potential collaboration depends on the stage of the person's professional development. It makes sense to offer mentoring to younger colleagues, by providing them a space to hone their skills and abilities. Seeing one's work published in the right context and feeling how the audience reacts to it are all great ways to advance the creatives' careers. So is getting guidance from senior colleagues. If you'd like to become a contributor to the Majazine in any capacity - as a writer, editor, illustrator, etc. - send us an email with your portfolioPortfolio A presentable selection of a creative person's best works, prepared with care and updated often. It's the most important promotional material a creative individual can show to prospects. Long ago, creatives would carry large, heavy albums with work samples to job interviews or other meetings with gatekeepers. They'd invest time and money in them - the scanning, the printing, the sturdy binders - none of that was cheap. A digital portfolio can now be made easily, in any presentation app. There are templates to start from, in Google Docs, MS PowerPoint or its alternatives, or on Canva and similar platforms. There are also affordable ways to make a simple portfolio website - on one's own, or by hiring a professional Web designer. and we will review it. If we see potential for a good fit, we will get in touch to discuss a collaboration.